Welcome to the Experiment

We're probably not the best people to offer any objective views on the Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment so here's some quotes from others who have heard or seen us:

"This isn't a band, this is a force of nature!"

"Deliciously avant-garde with that great punk essence of the defiantly uncommercial. Full of paradox, attitude and originality and nothing short of absolute genius, love it!"

"I'm genuinely surprised at your sound.... It takes me back years when times seemed to be more musically inspired...."

"After listening to "Killed a cyclist"! Great stuff seriously... that's a unique sound, and if it doesn't sound out of order to say it's got the BEST of Hawkwind, Gong and Bauhaus for me!"

"The official website describes the whole thing as an “experiment” and that is a perfect way to describe this. It is intriguing and mad, rather like someone putting The Bends by Radiohead into a microwave"

"Ok here we go, the heavy grinding, smoky bass grinds its way into your face, cool as fuck with a ciggie hanging from its Jack Daniels soaked lips"

"It offends my ears"